Busch Stadium Seating


Busch Stadium Seating and General Information

Busch Stadium is located in St. Louis Missouri and is the home of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. The surface they plan on is natural grass and is well manicured. The capacity of Busch Stadium is 50,345 and that number includes all of the standing room area availability as well. More information about the seating at the St. Louis Cardinals ballpark is available by looking at a Busch Stadium seating chart.

While most stadiums that have been opened in the last decade have been suited to hitters, Busch Stadium is a little different in this respect. The dimensions are as follows: 336 in left field, 400 feet in center field, and 335 in right field. This makes Busch Stadium one of the best ballparks to pitch in in the entire league. The current version of Busch Stadium opened on April 10, 2006. The 2006 season resulted in another World Series season for the Red Birds.

Now that you know what little bit about the basics of the stadium, examine some particular aspects we noticed while visiting St. Louis’ Busch Stadium.


First and foremost, we drove to the game so we had to pay to park. See the address for Busch Stadium as well as directions to Busch Stadium. While we don’t like to think about paying for parking it is a part of the fan experience. Most parking lots range from $10-$20 around the stadium. This is actually pretty affordable depending where you normally come from. As we searched the lot we noticed a $10 lot pretty close to the stadium. When we go to games we get there as early as possible which is key to getting a parking spot you want so we were actually really fortunate to get into a $10 lot really close to the stadium.


Since we arrived there early we figured we would go get something to eat. Most of these new ballparks as you probably know have unique restaurants and food offerings within them. This is what makes them different than the old style ballparks, well just one of the reasons. The food of Busch Stadium featured all of the traditional baseball stadium food you would think about, along with the option to eat at restaurants that featured Mexican food, and even barbecue food as well. On this particular day we were not really in the mood for any traditional ballpark type food and they even had a Hardees in the stadium which we were definitely not looking to have fast food either so we opted for the Mexican restaurant which we can say was definitely quality and a good meal overall.


We were a little surprised at the lack of atmosphere inside the stadium itself. Let us explain, there were of course statues outside of Busch Stadium for all of the past Cardinal greats, statues that are not very impressive to say the least in terms of size and stature. Still though, if there is one good thing about the atmosphere to the stadium it is at least on the outside they have the statues that really show just how great some of their players were. Think about it, you have a team that in the past has featured greats such as Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson and Ozzie Smith just to name a few so those statues were cool to see. As we just mentioned the Cardinals have a very steep history in the game of baseball that goes back many, many years. Because of this we were surprised to see the lack of history found inside the stadium itself. You know when you’re watching the Cardinals game on TV and you can see the likeness of the great players splattered on the outfield wall, well this is truly the best tribute you will find the whole stadium to their great players. Maybe this type of thing is not a really big issue for most fans, but maybe because we love the history of the game we tend to notice things like this more. As far as the in game atmosphere, we began to really appreciate the St. Louis Cardinal fan. While a lot of other fan bases choose to focus on negative things it seemed as though the Cardinals fans had a very good perspective on the game and generally enjoyed being there. You know what probably helps though, is that they are coming off of a World Series Championship which tends to do wonders for a fan base’s psyche. All kidding aside though, we have heard in the past from people who have been here in years when they are not coming off a World Series and they have always commented about how supportive the fans are here. Always cheering and never being negative towards the ball players, which is why St. Louis is a common spot that free agents want to land.

Activities for the Kids

Another hallmark of the newer stadiums is things to do outside of watching the game itself. Busch Stadium just like a lot of other venues have a dedicated kids area which is named the US Cellular Family Pavilion. If your child is becoming disenchanted with the action on the field, it is an excellent outlet for you to explore. If your kid happens to be a baseball fanatic this area is also open before and a little bit after the game as well. There are batting cages, a radar gun to test pitch speed and even a play area for the kids, making it a popular destination for the youngsters.

The Future of the Area Around the Stadium

Outside of the nuts and bolts of the ballpark there is also plans for future expansion around the new Busch Stadium that we learned about when visiting. Not sure if you knew about this already, but they plan on putting something in called Ballpark Village which will occupy the area where the old Busch Stadium used to be. Again, in keeping with modern times it will contain different things for fans to do before and after the game. There will be retail shops, places to eat, and even some places to be entertained. Hopefully the approvals for this project get up and running, from what we heard is that there is a very important one pending soon. There is basically a dirt lot where the old Busch Stadium is today and would be nice to see them put something in there to give people some more options as far as things to do before and after the game.

Stadium Design and Feel

Outside of the atmosphere of the game the design of the stadium and the quality of the seating is something we look for as well. We actually really like the red seats as opposed to the typical drab green seats you see a lot of the newer stadiums. As we made our way around the stadium we did not really see a horrible seat especially based on the prices that people paid to sit in some of the upper deck areas. A baseball game is like anything else we find in that you get what you pay for. We sat in the upper deck and we’re completely satisfied with our viewing experience. Also of note is the fact that from the stadium you can see the St. Louis skyline and also the Gateway Arch, which is definitely pretty cool and gives it that added flair that makes it unique to the city of St. Louis.

Overall Grade

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to St. Louis is Busch Stadium. If we had to give it a rating we would rate it 8/10. If you were thinking about visiting Busch Stadium hopefully this review gives you some things to take into consideration and also little knowledge of the park before you make your trip.

Busch Stadium Seating Capacity

The official Busch Stadium seating capacity is 50,345 according to the official Busch Stadium webpage on the St. Louis Cardinals website:


Busch Stadium capacity includes accessible seats for both wheelchair uses and companions. On rare occasions, standing room only tickets may be sold to temporarily increase maximum capacity.

Some websites list 46,861 as the total capacity for Busch Stadium. However, as the Cardinals make changes to their ballpark each year, the current official capacity as cited by the team is 50,345.

Busch Stadium’s capacity of 50,345 ranks it in the top ten of total seating capacity within major league baseball.

See directions to Busch Stadium, the address of Busch Stadium, or additional information about Busch Stadium.

Busch Stadium Directions

Directions to Busch Stadium are based on the location you are coming from. Also see the address for Busch Stadium and more information about Busch Stadium including the maximum seating capacity for Busch Stadium.

Driving directions to Busch Stadium are:

From the North:

Take I-55 South toward Springfield/Bloomington/Chicago.
Continue on I-55 South towards St. Louis
Stay on I-64 once in Missouri
Use Exit 40A toward Stadium – Tucker Blvd
Turn right at Clark St.

From the South:

Take I-55 North toward Arnold/Festus/Cape Girardeau/Memphis)
Continue on I-55 South towards St. Louis
Use Exit 208 for Park Avenue going to 7th Street
Turn left at 7th Street
Turn right at Clark Street

From the East – Using I-70 West

Take I-70 West towards St. Louis.
Merge onto I-55 South east of St. Louis
Continue on I-55 South toward St. Louis
Continue on I-64 once in Missouri
Use Exit 40A toward Stadium – Tucker Blvd
Turn right at Clark St.

From the East – Using I-64 West

Take I-64 West towards St. Louis
Continue on I-64 once in Missouri
Use Exit 40A toward Stadium – Tucker Blvd
Turn right at Clark St.

From the West – Using I-44 East

Take I-55 East towards St. Louis
Merge onto I-55 North west of St. Louis
Use Exit 208 for Park Avenue going to 7th Street
Turn left at 7th Street
Turn right at Clark Street

From the West – Using I-64 East

Take I-64 East towards St. Louis
Use Exit 40B for 6th Street
Turn left at Exit 39C toward 11th St
Turn right on Clark Street

From the West – Using I-70 East

Take I-70 East towards St. Louis
Use Exit 250B, Memorial Drive and Pine Street, towards Downtown
Stay on Memorial Drive
Turn right at Market Street
Turn left at Broadway
Turn right at Clark Street